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Content Creation Contest: create your favorite vessel or environment for Ship Sim Extremes and win great prizes!

Date posted: 01-10-2010

VSTEP announces the Ship Simulator Extremes Content Creation Contest, or the « CCC » as it will be known! With this contest, we want to give all of you gamers a shot at creating your environment and/or vessel of choice for Ship Simulator Extremes.

As a lot of players have been talking about what content they would like to see in Ship Simulator Extremes, we now give you the chance to actually make it real and create it yourself.

Create a nice vessel or environment for Ship Simulator Extremes and win spectacular prize money, and a chance to see your creation in an official Ship Simulator Extremes Download pack!

The contest is open for individuals as well as teams getting together, and we accept any ship model and environment. We want you to have fun and create quality content that you like, and don't want to push our contestants towards theme specific content. 

Please check the creation contest website for more information about the contest and how to participate:

Good luck!

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