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Welcome to the Ship Simulator Extremes Content Creation Contest, or the « CCC » as we will call it. With this contest, we want to give all of you gamers a shot at creating your environment and/or vessel of choice for Ship Simulator Extremes.

As a lot of players have been talking about what content they would like to see in Ship Simulator Extremes, we now give you the chance to actually make it real and create it yourself.

Creating a nice vessel or environment for Ship Simulator Extremes and win spectacular prize money, and a chance to see your creation in an official Ship Simulator Extremes Download pack!

Ship Sim Creation Contest - Final verdict: here are the winners...

Tough doesn’t half describe how hard it was to come to a final verdict in the Ship Simulator Extremes Content Creation Contest. We had great entries in both categories, with especially the Vessel creation category providing an excellent amount of powerful designs. The Environment creation category on the other hand proved too daunting for many a creator, with teams dropping out like crazy along the way and only a few environments really proving good enough to make the final cut. We therefore decided that the Environment Category will only see a first and second prize winner, as opposed to a first, second and third prize winner for the Vessel category. After all, as we commit to having the winners as playable vessels & environments in the game, we only want the very best to start developing with. After three rounds of selection and elimination, we have come to a unanimous decision.


The jury decided to fully honor the results of the second round Community voter poll, resulting in the following prize winners:

1. First Prize & €1000 Prize money:

·         MS OCEANA by Robin Bongaarts (,23677.0.html)

2. Second Prize & €500 Prize money:

·         Deniz Doga by Serkan Akdeniz (,23678.0.html)

3. Third Prize & €250 Prize money:

·         Winner Full by Team Imaginary Views (,23673.0.html)

An honourable mention goes to the SEA LADY by Marius Moolman. A very nice vessel that missed the submission deadline by a mile, but we nevertheless thought impressive enough to deserve a special mention next to the winners.

Vessel Winners Table

Robin Bongaarts
An impressive work of art, with a lot of eye for detail and realism. We were very impressed by the skill at show here. A deserved winner of the Content Creation Contest.
2. Deniz Doga
Serkan Akdeniz
A unique and powerful vessel that proved not only very popular with the voters but also with the jury. Great modelling work, great choice of vessel.
3. Winner Full
Team Imaginary Views

A team effort this one, and what an effort it is! Beautiful vessel, excellent skill at display and a deserved prize winner! Only the name is very confusing...
HM  Honourable Mention:
Sea Lady
Marius Moolman
Nice fishing vessel from a modeler that knows the trade and has an excellent eye for detail. Missed the deadline by a long shot and was inelligible to participate for the prizes! A well deserved honourable mention is yours nevertheless. 


The jury unanimously decided to honor the following first & second prize winners: 

1. First Prize & €1000 Prize money:

·         PORT of TRAVEMUNDE by Team Thor

2. Second Prize & €500 Prize money:

·         PORT of VARNA by Andrei Stanev

Environment Winners Table

Team Thor
Good modelling work from a team that dares to experiment and take risks. As the biggest German Ferry port on the Baltic,  Travemunde opens many possibilities for Ship Sim enthousiasts to explore. 
Andrei Stanev
Bulgaria's wonderful door to the Black Sea was recreated with skill by a modeler that put many hours of dedicated work in the project.

This final verdict concludes the very first Ship Simulator Extremes Content Creation Contest. We would like to congratulate all the winners & thank all participants for their hard and dedicated work. Another big thank you goes out to our Ship Simulator Community for their great feedback and vote casting during the CCC community poll!

And don’t forget, you will be taking these winning vessels to the oceans in Ship Simulator Extremes…soon!

Happy Sailing,