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Ship Sim Extremes Donation edition competition winner announced!

Date posted: 23-02-2012

The real vessel has only recently been completed and has taken to the seas! One of its next trips will see our Ship Simulator Extremes Donation Edition Competition winner joining the crew of the Rainbow Warrior III!

Congratulations to monsieur HERVÉ MOUSSET of France, you will be contacted soon by Greenpeace and the crew of the real Rainbow Warrior III to join them on one of their voyages. Make sure to send us some nice pictures as you sail the oceans on this grand vessel!

This concludes the Donation Edition competition, but we'll make sure to keep you updated on the adventures of our competition winner on board the Rainbow Warrior III... Happy sailing Hervé!

For more information about the Ship Simulator Extremes Donation Edition, visit the donation edition product page.

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