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My account details are incorrect or missing

If you see any strange information in your account details, please contact our support desk via the Contact button on the website.

I did forget my password

A new password can be requested with your username or e-mail address on the following website.

I did forget my username

An e-mail with your username and password will be send if you request a new password by filling in your e-mail adres at the following website.

Nothing happens if I press the "Purchase now" or "Pre-order now" button.

Pressing these buttons on the website adds the selected product to your shopping cart. You can see the contents of your shopping cart by clicking on the cart symbol at the top-center of the webpage. Please check before ordering if the correct number of products is in the shopping cart. You can change the quantity by filling in the correct quantity and then the button "Update cart".  Press the "Checkout" button to continue with the the ordering process.

My shipping address information is incorrect in my account info and I do not know how to change it.

If your address information is incorrect, please send the correct address via a contact request.

Did I (pre-) order a boxed or download version of Ship Simulator?

Please login on the website and see your order overview for information on the ordered products. In the product description or delivery type you can see if your order is a boxed or download version.